The Studio and the Glass

Do you want a sneak peak into the studio? Do you want to know more about the glass I use and how an art glass panel is put together?

My glass companies of choice are Youghiogheny and Bullseye, but I also pull from the Uroboros pallet.  These companies only make hand-rolled, artisan glass.  They are not mass produced by machines.

Youghiogheny is organic.  Every piece of glass is different.  It makes the most gorgeous sky, leaves, water.  Bullseye is rich and deep.  I use it for the focal points and main characters in the panel.

What’s the “fun”, the “sparkle”, the “treat”?  It’s those Swarovski Crystals!  When the sun hits them, the room is filled with prisms and magic.

Feel free to contact me and make arrangements to see the studio in person.  I love working with glass and am always happy to share this space with others.


Studio Photos

Who’s playing that great music in the background?  That’s Columbus, Ohio’s very own Devil Doves!  Check them out.